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Barn Cameras and Barn Monitoring Systems

We have over 20 years’ experience installing camera systems for businesses and residential homes. We also have an IT background in networks and wireless systems. We design our own barn cameras and customize their functionality for each client.

We developed our own barn cameras using current wireless and digital HD technologies. We now have a reliable, solid product that can transmit over long distances and remain interference-free. We have barn cameras that we have installed where the barn was over 2km (1.24 miles) from the house.

Barn Cameras Info:

Our barn cameras systems are fully expandable so you can easily add extra cameras later.  You can link multiple barns and buildings together. Each barn can have multiple cameras in them. To see how to build your own package you can visit this page. Build a Package Our systems are 100% digital so the camera footage is viewed on your tablet, phone, or laptop using your existing WiFi connection in your home.  The camera system does not depend on you having wifi or internet to work.  It can be customized as a standalone barn camera monitoring system.  If you do have Wi-Fi in your home then you can move around in your home and view the barn cameras anywhere. The system links into your existing WiFi in your home.  You can also view the cameras on a computer monitor or an HD television using a camera decoder box.  Recording can be added as an option. Android streaming boxes also work for viewing the cameras on your TV. The image quality is very good. You can also have cameras on your home for security purposes and view both your home and barn on the same system. YOU DO NOT NEED THE INTERNET in order to view the cameras in your home.  A good internet connection is required in order to view your barn cameras remotely while away from the property.

The cameras also have infrared night vision and can see very well in the dark. The equipment is outdoor rated and made to withstand the temperatures extremes that we have in North America and Canada.

Foaling Cameras:

Monitor your foaling mares when they are ready to foal with our foaling cameras. Foaling barn cameras at its greatest. No more sleeping in the barn. Keep your tablet or laptop beside your bed so that you can easily check on your mare. Carry your tablet or laptop around the house with you. Monitor anytime anywhere.

Calving Cameras:

Calving cameras to monitor your cows and calves. Our HD barn cameras offer great quality video. They are also outdoor rated so they can be installed either in the barn or out. They have wide-angle lenses for monitoring small stalls or big ones. They have infrared night vision so you don’t need to leave the lights on.

Alpaca Cameras:

You can always keep an eye on your Alpacas with our Alpaca cameras. Older analog systems were confined to usually one TV. With our new digital camera systems, you can monitor your Alpacas wirelessly throughout your home. No need to worry about interference because we design our systems to minimize signal interference.

Lambing Cameras:

Lambing cameras to monitor your sheep and lambs either indoors or out.  With older analog camera systems you may have difficulties seeing which end is which.  Is that the Ewe’s head or is that a lamb being born?  Our barn camera systems broadcast in HD quality.  The picture is amazing.  No more fuzzy pictures with interference so you will be able to tell which end is which.

The Best Barn Cameras

  • Why are these the best wireless barn cameras? Because they work great
  • Have a metal barn and a brick house that are 2000ft apart. NO PROBLEM
  • View or monitor your barn and stall cameras on your tablet, computer or smart phone
  • View your barn cameras live while you are away on your laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Custom built barn camera systems and installations
  • We can ship pre-programmed systems that are easy to self-install
  • We carry a variety of cameras from 1080P to high resolution megapixel cameras
  • We can run multiple camera signals over existing coax and cat5 cabling
  • Many different wired and wireless barn camera systems are available
  • Long range wireless barn camera systems that work over 1 km away
  • Outdoor wireless systems that work at long range or for metal barns
  • Single to multi barn camera monitoring systems and installations
  • Foaling Cameras, Stall Cameras, Calving Cameras, Trailer Cameras
  • Barn Cameras, Kennel Cameras, Arena Cameras, Paddock Cameras
  • Horses, Dogs, Alpacas, Cattle, Sheep monitoring systems
  • Barn intercom systems and audio listen in
  • Driveway alert systems. Be alerted when vehicles drive up your driveway.
  • Many other services available