We custom design and program our barn camera systems for sale for each of our customers.  We provide detailed instructions along with a high level of support to help you get the system up and running.  We provide installations and service in the greater Toronto area.

We try to make it easy for each client to build the system you want or need. If you do not have a connection between the house and the barn then you need our wireless antenna system. Then, just choose how many cameras you want. Our wireless barn camera systems work as short a distance as 200ft away and as far a distance as over two kilometers away. If you have a good line of sight between your barn and house, our barn camera systems for sale can transmit several kilometers.

Once you have chosen how many cameras you want, we will program the system for you and provide detailed instructions. The system is fairly easy to install and only requires running some cabling and mounting of the equipment.

Mount the barn cameras to cover the area you want. Install the wireless antennas and make sure they are pointing at each other correctly. Finally, connect everything together and you are good to go. We provide instructions and support to help you get your barn camera system up and running. The cameras can be viewed on computers, Android tablets and smartphones as well as iPads and iPhones. If you want to view the cameras on your TV or a monitor, an extra device is required. Android boxes will work with the installed app. You can also view and record the cameras using a camera decoder box.

We provide full support for our products, so we can help you from start to finish. Either call us or email us and we would be happy to assist you in getting your system up and running.

HD Barn Camera

Create a Barn Camera System package:


To link the house to the barn you need our wireless antenna kit.


You need a camera combiner to link the wireless antenna to the cameras.


Choose how many cameras you want, whether it is the standard cameras or the Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.

Things to Note:

For Barn Camera FAQ’s Click Here

Multiple barns can be linked to the house and multiple cameras can be installed in each barn.  Standard and PTZ cameras can be mixed on the same system.  The PTZ cameras can be viewed and controlled from your tablet, phone or computer.

We have audio microphones to listen in to your barn

All of our standard barn cameras now come with built in microphones.  Upgraded zoom cameras or the PTZ cameras can have external microphones added to them.  You can listen in on the barn from in your house or anywhere over the internet using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Listening on a TV is possible if you add the camera decoder box or camera recorder unit.

Build a Barn Camera Package

The wireless antenna kit links the house and the barn together.  Each antenna should be mounted outside with a clear view to the other antenna.  Some trees are OK but a large thick forest, a steel building or hill in the way may affect the signal.  At the house the antenna connects into your existing wifi or internet modem using an included cable.  At the barn the antenna connects to the camera combiner with provided cabling.

The 4 camera combiner can handle from 1-4 cameras.  The 8 camera combiner can handle 1-8 cameras.  The barn camera combiner plugs into power inside the barn.  It should be placed in a clean dry area.  The barn antenna will connect to it with provided cabling.  Each barn camera will be wired back and connected to the camera combiner using provided cabling.  The camera combiner sends power over the cabling.  So there is no need to have power at the camera end.  50ft of cabling is included but you can order up to 250ft of cabling per camera.


  • Outdoor rated housing
  • IP66 water resistance rating
  • Infrared night vision up to 90ft
  • 5MP HD quality video
  • 2.8mm wide angle lens
  • Built in MIC for listening in
  • Camera may not be exactly as shown

Are you looking for the ultimate wireless barn camera that can do it all? Our PTZ infrared night vision barn cameras are amazing. They have 360-degree viewing. You can zoom in over 200ft away in complete darkness and see clearly with its specialized infrared lighting. It has multiple LEDs that can illuminate a wide area or intensify to illuminate areas farther away as you zoom in. The image resolution is 1080p HD so the quality is incredible, especially when viewed on a larger monitor. You can also view and control the camera from your smartphone, tablet or laptop even while you are away.

Our standard PTZ camera is 25x zoom but we can also order more specialized units if needed.  To view a demo of our PTZ cameras click here

The system comes with 50ft of cabling for each camera and antenna.  The house antenna cable will run back to your existing router or modem in the house.  The barn antenna cable will run inside the barn to a central location and connect to the camera combiner.  The barn camera cables will run from each camera back to the camera combiner.  If you need longer cabling for either antenna or one of your barn cameras then you can purchase longer lengths.

Need one of our barn camera kits for your greater Toronto area barn, working area, or other projects? Contact us today to get moving.