Are you wondering what the views and angles will be on the camera image?
Are you wondering how many cameras you might need?
Are you wondering how much coverage you get from a camera?

You have come to the right place.

Our standard cameras use a 1/3 lens with a 2.8mm magnification. So, a 10X20 foaling stall can be viewed perfectly with the standard camera. We recommend that you install it as high as possible and in the centre of the longest wall.  For larger stalls or pens the camera can be mounted int he corner.

If you have larger areas multiple cameras can be installed to give you full coverage. The standard camera can see up to about 60ft at night utilizing its infrared night vision.

We have different types of cameras with differrent camera views and angles. The two main wide screen lenses are 3.6mm and 2.8mm. The lower the mm rating the wider the view. 3.6mm is just under 90 degrees of viewing angle. 2.8mm would give a view of around 100 degrees.  So if you installed the camera in the corner, a 2.8mm lens camera will be able to see both walls on either side of the camera.

There are also motorized lens cameras which allow you to zoom in or out to  adjust the field of view. The standard and most popular is 2.8-12mm.

Finally a PTZ camera allows you to pan and tilt the camera 360 degrees but also allows you to zoom in to view from far away distances.

Camera Views and Angles

View of the barn entrance and the stalls.

foaling barn

Indoor view of foaling barn

As you can see our standard camera’s view is quite wide so you get good coverage. Whether you have a 10X10 stall, a 20X20 or larger area the standard camera will cover it well.