Are you looking for the ultimate barn camera to monitor your calving barn or a large outdoor paddock area?

Then a pan tilt zoom camera may be your best choice. In the past PTZ cameras required extra lighting in order to see in dark areas. The more you zoomed in the more light was required to view an area clearly. This made them impractical because most barns and outdoor areas behind the barn are dark at night. With the improvement in technology and LED lighting we have new PTZ barn cameras that can see clearly up to 300ft or more in complete darkness. They have infrared LED lights that intensify as you zoom into areas farther away. They can also illuminate large areas when the lens is zoomed back into a wide view.

So if you have a large indoor or outdoor area that you would like to keep an eye on throughout the night then a PTZ barn camera is a great choice. No more grainy pictures wondering whether the calf is being born or not. You can zoom in and pan and move the camera around to see all areas of your barn. The resolution is amazing at 1080p. You can view and control the PTZ barn camera from your laptop or computer using your mouse and your keyboard. You can also control the PTZ camera from your tablet or smart phone. You can also control and view your PTZ barn camera over the internet while away from your property.


PTZ Barn Camera Demo Video