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Cell Phone Boosters for Home and Business

Is your personal or work life suffering from a weak cell phone signal?
Do you have a concrete or metal building?
Do you live in a rural area?

Our cell phone boosters for sale in the greater Toronto area are a great way to improve your cell phone reception. Cell phone signals do not easily penetrate through the walls of buildings. You may also live or have a business in an area where the cell phone towers are far away or behind multiple hills and trees. This can affect your cell phone reception, causing you to get dropped calls or poor voice quality. In some cases, you may not get any reception at all.

To produce reliable cell phone boosters, we point a high gain outdoor antenna directly at the cell phone tower. We then run cabling inside and install the booster with an indoor antenna. This brings a strong signal to your home or business. Many of our clients with weak or no signals are seeing an increase of three to five bars or even full signal after the installation of our cell phone boosters.

Cell Phone Boosters Features:

  • Boosts your mobile phone signal
  • Makes your cell phone signal more reliable
  • Works with your mobile internet stick
  • Works with your Bell, Rogers and Telus Internet Hub
  • Different models are available to cover small and large areas

We have different models available. We have 3G signal boosters that improve the signals used for voice calls and texting. Other models will boost all of the cellular technologies including 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE. 4G and LTE is data only, whereas 3G is the signal that is most widely used for phone calls, texting, and 3G data. Most people connect their phones to their Wi-Fi network while at home or work.

Cell Phone Boosters Installation Video

Does your cell phone need a signal boost?

Cell phone boosters are a great way to improve your cell phone signal.

Do you get dropped calls when you go into your house because your cellphone signal is weak? If your office is in the basement you most likely will not have good cell reception down there. In some areas, you might get poor reception because the cellular towers are far away. You may also have hills and trees that block the signal to the tower.

Larger warehouses or buildings that are constructed with concrete block, metal siding and/or a metal roof will block the signal.

Our technicians will install your cell phone booster’s antenna high up on the roof of your house or building, where the natural signal is the strongest.

First, we use a special mapping system that tells us where your local cell phone towers are located. Using a directional antenna to point right at the cell phone tower, we home in on the signal. Next, inside your home or building, we install the booster and indoor antenna.

When we install the cell phone boosters, customers see a big improvement in their mobile phone signal.

Our cell phone boosters for sale also improve the signal on the Rogers rocket hub, the Bell turbo hub, and the Telus wireless internet hub as well as any cellular-based internet stick.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

This Cell Phone Booster Kit provides increased in-building voice and data coverage and superior reach into rural environments using a high-gain directional signal antenna which is aimed at the nearest network tower. The Cell Phone Booster covers up to 2500 square feet and supports multiple users and all devices operating on (CEL) 800MHz & (PCS) 1900MHz networks.

Benefits Include:

Increases signal coverage – up to 2500sqft. Highest performing dual-band signal booster. Provides increased voice coverage and faster data performance for multiple simultaneous users. Compatible with all mobile phones and data transmitting devices operating on (CEL) 800MHz and (PCS) 1900MHz – iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, etc. Amplifier gain automatically adjusts for peak performance. Extends phone battery life (uses less power when the signal is stronger). Designed in America with patented technology to prevent interference with the wireless networks.

Price: Kit Prices range from $899 installed and up depending on the signal in your area and how large your home or building is.

We offer professional sales service and installations throughout the areas of Toronto, the GTA, Scarborough, Aurora, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Stouffville, Bowmanville, Port Hope, Cobourg, Port Perry, Uxbridge, and surrounding areas.

Cell phone boosters are popular in rural areas or in cottage country. Any areas in Northern Ontario, Kawartha Lakes, Rural Ontario, or Canada where cell phone reception is poor can be improved by a cell phone signal booster. Contact us today for more details!