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Cell Phone Booster Kit Features

Are you looking for a Cell Phone Booster Kit to improve your cellphone signal? Our cell boosters provide increased voice and data coverage inside you home and building.  They are designed to give superior reach into rural environments using a high-gain directional signal antenna which is aimed at the nearest cell tower. Different booster kits are available.  Basic ones can cover a small home, condo or apartment.  More powerful kits can cover areas up to 10,000 square feet or more and can support multiple users and devices on all cell networks.  Larger commercial systems can accomodate multiple indoor antennas as well.

Cell Phone Booster Kit


Why Purchase a Cell Phone Booster Kit From Us?

More and more people are needing good quality cell phone service in order to run their business and keep in touch.  Many buildings even in urban areas are built using concrete and brick which greatly reduces cell signal quality once inside the building. With our mobile phone booster kits we can bring the signal in strong using our outdoor high gain cell phone antenna.  We then run cabling into the building and install the indoor booster and antenna in a common area.  After we have installed a cell phone booster for our clients we have find that the signal becomes more reliable and increases to 3-5 bars throughout the building.

Benefits Include:

Increased signal coverage.

No more dropped or missed calls.

A good selection of boosters covering 2500sqft to over 10,000sqft.

Having a cell phone booster kit installed properly by us provides increased voice coverage and faster data performance for multiple simultaneous users.

Compatible with all mobile phones and data transmitting devices operating on the different cell bands from 2g, 3g, 4g, LTE and the NEW 5G.

Your phone battery life lasts longer as well because it uses less power when signal is stronger.

Call our team today and we can recommend the right cell phone booster kit for your building.