Antennas For Your Wireless Internet Hub

Are you suffering from poor quality signal along with poor speeds on your Bell, Rogers or Telus internet hub?

We carry internet hub antennas. The internet hubs that Bell, Rogers and Telus provide you are indoor units so it can be difficult to get a reliable signal. When the signal is poor it affects the speed and reliability of your internet connection. The other problem that you might encounter is that you may have to place the internet hub in an upstairs window in order to get proper signal. That can be a problem if your office or computer is in the basement.

Wireless Hub Antenna

With an internet hub antenna you can have the internet hub in your office or next to your computers and have it connected to the antenna which is installed outside. The wireless hub antenna is installed up high in an area where you receive the best reception and it is pointed directly at the cell tower. The internet hub antenna is also considerably stronger than the one built into the hub itself.

We then run a cable down from the antenna and connect it directly to the hub. This not only gives you a great signal but now the reliability of your internet is greatly increased. Also with the hub the better the signal the better your speeds will be so you will notice that your speeds now will be much better and more reliable when you install an internet hub antenna.