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HD-CVI security cameras are a newer HD camera technology.  They come in many different types and styles of dome cameras, bullet cameras, pinhole and spy cameras.

We also have pan tilt zoom HD-CVI cameras.  The nice thing about HD-CVI is that it can use both coax cable and cat5 network cable to transmit the signal.  This is the same type of cabling used in many older analog camera systems.  So, this makes it an easy transition for upgrading older analog security camera systems. This is also a big savings if you don’t have to replace all of the cabling.

The other benefit of using HD-CVI is that you can run the cabling at much greater distances than you can for other HD security camera systems.  IP cameras and HD-SDI cameras are limited to about 300ft whereas HD-CVI security cameras can be run up to 1500ft using RG59 coax or cat 5 or 6 cabling.

If you are looking for a great image quality at a great price then HD-CVI security cameras are the way to go.  Where analog has difficulty producing a recognizable face or reading a license plate from a distance HD-CVI security cameras produce a much higher resolution image which makes identification much easier.

HD-CVI Security Cameras

HD-CVI Camera Resolutions

There are many different types of CCD and CMOS sensors on the market for security cameras.  Some of the manufacturers are Sony, Panasonic and Sharp.  HD-CVI broadcasts in HD resolution.  Resolutions from 1080p all the way up to 4K are available.

HD-CVI Infrared Security Cameras

The lens is in the center at the front of the security camera and it usually has infrared LED’s around the lens.  With bullet cameras the face is flat on the front. The more IR’s the security camera has the better the night vision.  There are different strengths of infrared LED’s and the larger and more intense the LED the farther and larger of an area that will be lit up. Basic CCTV bullet cameras will light up to 20m. Some higher end infrared security cameras can light up farther than 90m. Bullet cameras generally have better infrared night vision than dome cameras.  This is because more IR’s can be placed around the lens on a bullet camera than can be placed around the lens on a dome camera.

HD-CVI Day/Night Security Cameras

Most HD-CVI security cameras are day/night cameras so they are color by day and black and white at night.  Under low light conditions the infrared LED’s illuminate and the camera will switch to black and white night mode.

HD-CVI Security Camera Lens types

The lens on a security camera can come in different focal lengths.  Wide angle lenses are the most popular and they come generally in 3.6mm or 4mm.  If you want a more closer or zoomed in view the lens can come in 6mm, 8mm 12mm or even longer zoom lengths. You can also get what is called a varifocal lens camera. This is when the lens can be manually adjusted at the camera.  A popular varifocal lens is 2.8mm to 12mm.  At the time of installation you adjust and focus the camera for the view that you like.  There are also motorized zoom cameras that can be controlled from the DVR.  The most popular are pan tilt zoom cameras.  This way you can not only zoom and focus the lens but you can move the camera position.

HD-CVI Security Camera Installation

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Video Resolutions