Our owner, Daxton Valyear, installed his first TV antenna system when he was 14 back in 1987. Since then he has gained lots of experience installing HDTV antennas, satellite TV, cable systems and other TV distribution systems in both homes and businesses. At Electroguy, we know how to do the job properly and perform it well the first time. We promise to take care of your home and property. All of our installers are trained to give you top-notch service. We spend the time to optimize your HDTV antenna’s signal so you enjoy the best reception possible.

No need to worry about rain-induced leaks; we seal your roof properly with our specialized roof sealant. We take the time to hide, strap, or clip up any cables so that the install is nice and neat. We tie the antenna into your house cabling so you can plug your TVs into your existing wall jacks. If you have cable internet, we have all the right tools to ensure none of your internet services are interrupted. We are also up to date with our liability insurance and WSIB.

HDTV Antennas

Start saving now and get rid of your satellite or cable TV bill. Get over 20 free HDTV channels with a digital off-air HDTV antenna. We have tested a large number of HDTV antennas over the years, so we know which ones work the best in the greater Toronto area.

We will install whichever HDTV antenna is best for your area so that you can get the best possible reception and the largest number of channels.


How We Install an HDTV Antenna

This is Our Best HDTV Antenna that we have tested in the GTA

HDTV Antenna Installations and Service

  • We specialize in HDTV antennas for sale and digital off-air signals
  • We carry HDTV antenna PVRs for recording your favourite shows
  • Media systems including Roku, Apple TV, Android, Boxee, etc.
  • We can help you set up Netflix on your smart TV
  • Over 25 years’ experience installing off-air HDTV antennas for sale
  • Installations of digital off-air HDTV antennas throughout the GTA
  • We service older TV antenna systems, too
  • Proper connections and tuning for the best signal and channels
  • We will choose the right HDTV antenna for your area
  • Handling, hiding, and running cables including difficult cable runs
  • Programmable remote controls so you only need one
  • Remote extenders, TV and audio/video distribution
  • Audio/Video Modulators for multi-room distribution and security
  • Cameras viewed on your TV
  • Custom-built Media Centre computers and servers
  • Media centre and wireless streaming installations and service
  • Get free, high definition tv channels from an off-air HDTV antenna

Which TV Antenna Should I choose?

Electroguy has installed antennas in downtown Toronto as well as Urban and rural areas around the city. We have been trying to find out which HDTV antennas work the best. Some antennas work better in certain areas than others.  So, how do you know which antenna will work best for you?  Electroguy has done the work for you.  We have tested close to 40 different antennas including all the top brand 4-bay and 8-bay antennas.

In the greater Toronto area, antenna signals are very good in most places. Within a 50km radius from Toronto, most customers get all the major stations out of Toronto and Buffalo. In some areas where the customer is sitting very high, we have received channels from Batavia and Rochester as well.

We have found that the best type of antenna to use in most cases is a wide pickup antenna. A long-range antenna like an 8-bay will have a narrow beam width that is more directional. This is good for places farther outside the city but it will not pick up signal well from towers that are spread apart. So, if you are in an area where Buffalo, Hamilton, Toronto, and Rochester are spread apart, then one of our wide pickup HDTV antennas for sale will work best. This is the case in most areas of the GTA. Our white antenna or the DB4e have worked the best in our testing.

Digital TV Antenna
HDTV Antenna

Areas That We Service

We offer professional sales service and installations throughout the areas of Toronto, the GTA, Scarborough, Aurora, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Brooklin, Oshawa, Stouffville, Bowmanville, Port Hope, Cobourg, Port Perry, Uxbridge, and surrounding areas.

Interested in our products available to the Greater Toronto area? View our digital TV antennas for sale here!