Are you looking to have your helium miner 900mhz antenna installed nice and high to maximize your profits? We provide a variety of custom mounting solutions. For installs where you can’t put the antenna on the roof we can do wall mounts with long masts to get above your roof. We have tripods and other mounts that can be installed right onto your roof. No need to worry about roof leaks because we always seal it properly. The 915mhz omni antenna can be installed onto existing antenna or satellite mounts. For the best height we also install the miner antennas onto TV towers. The Helium miners work best when installed as high as possible. We can help you achieve that to increase your profits. We carry all of the parts that are needed to install the antenna and helium miner properly. LMR-400 low loss cabling can be cut to length and crimped with the proper connectors. Lightning arrestors can be installed for grounding the system properly. We also have adapters to connect the low loss LMR-400 cabling to your helium miner.

Helium Miner Installation Pictures

Helium Miner Installations in Toronto, the GTA and Surrounding Areas

Installations can vary according to the roof, the cable run and the style of mount you want. We recommend that you contact us by email Contact info@electroguy

Tripod Kit

3Ft Tripod and 10ft Mast

$125 plus taxes and shipping

Helium Miner Wall Mount

Wall Mount Kit with 10ft Mast

$135 plus taxes and shipping.

Can be mounted on siding or brick

Helum Miner installed on chimney

3ft Adjustable J-Mount

$75 plus taxes and shipping

Can be installed on a roof, wall or chimney. Adjusts to plumb even on a sloped roof.

LMR-400 Helium Miner Cable

Helium Miner Low Loss LMR-400 Cabling

$45 plus taxes and shipping for a 30ft cable

$75 plus taxes and shipping for a 50ft cable