For professional TV antenna installations you have come to the right place.


On average it costs about $550 plus tax to have us install an amplified antenna.  We don’t need to come out and have a look beforehand.  The owner Daxton has over 30 year experience installing antennas in the GTA area.  We have installed in Whitby, Brooklin, Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering, Port Perry, Scarborough, Toronto, Bowmanville and surrounding areas.  We know what antenna to use in your area for the best signal.

  • We take the time to install the antenna properly and we warranty our work.
  • Please view some of our installation videos and read our reviews on Google Google Reviews
  • Check out our install pics on Instagram Electroguy Instagram Page
  • On average our clients get about 25 channels.
  • If you are in a good area (ie. sitting high with no tall trees or buildings in the way) then you may get more
  • Some clients in good areas have received over 30-40 TV antenna channels.
  • If you are in a bad area with lots of trees or taller buildings you may get less channels.
  • Standard TV anntenna installations start at $500 plus tax including the antenna and install parts.  This is within 1/2 hour drive from Whitby.
  • The install cost ranges depending upon the antenna used, how high your roof is, the difficulty of the wiring, the type of mount used, whether amplfication is needed etc.
  • We will run some tests with the antenna(s) from your roof to see what gets you the best signal.

What is included in the standard TV antenna install:

  • Our white UHF/VHF antenna:
  • The mounting bracket
  • The cable run from the roof to your electrical panel or cable box
  • Connection to you house cabling at your electrical panel or cable box and testing one TV for reception
  • Installation and tuning of the antenna

What is not included in the standard TV antenna install:

  • Running extra cabling inside the home to your televisions
  • Connecting splitters or boosters for multiple TV connections
  • Extra cables to connect to your TV from the wall jack
  • Extensive tracing or troubleshooting of your existing house cabling
  • Any other additional parts like wall plates, splitters, amps etc.
  • There are no guarantees on reception or amount of channels.

TV Antenna Installations Extras:

If you have more than 1 TV then you may need a distribution amp which is $50 extra.

A distribution amp will generally feed about 4 TV’s.  If you have more than 4 then you may need additional amplification.  We will test at the time of the install to determine how much amplification is needed.

If you are having difficulty picking up some channels or you have a lot of trees or tall buildings we may need to add a pre-amplifier to improve the signal.  A pre-amp is $100.

PVR recorders are also available and they start at $100 for a basic one and go up to $500 for a high end one.

If you have an older TV you may need a converter box to convert the digital
HD signal from the antenna back to analog.  A basic one is $75.