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Unlimited Internet Service With No Bandwidth Caps

Are You Tired of Dealing With the Big Phone and Cable Internet Providers?

Are you Tired of Bandwidth Caps?

Are You Tired Of Increasing Internet Prices?

Electroguy now offers fast internet service with no bandwidth caps!

Electroguy now offers internet services through Cable, DSL, Satellite and Wireless.  No matter where you live, whether it is in town or in a rural area.  We can provide you with reliable internet and service that you will never get from the big internet providers.  I’m sure we don’t need to tell you how they treat their customer’s.  We realize that its our customer’s that keep us in business and we want to keep you happy by providing you with great service.  We have a range of internet services and packages depending on the speeds and the type of internet user that you are.  The internet is changing.  More and more people are using it for their entertainment purposes.  It has now exceeded TV for what we spend the most time entertaining ourselves with.  With Netflix, Hulu and other streaming sites we are now consuming more bandwidth than ever.  The big internet providers in Canada are wanting to control that.  Not only are they trying to control what and how you watch but they also want to try and charge you for how much bandwidth you are using.  Our main urban based cable and dsl internet services have unlimited bandwidth so no need to worry how much you use the internet.  You can watch as many movies and play as many games as you want.