Barn Cameras

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Hello are you looking for a barn camera package?  You have come to the right place.  We will try and help you build a package.  Here is what you need.

  1. A wireless antenna kit to link the house and barn together.
  2. You need a camera combiner to connect the cameras together.
  3. Choose how many barn cameras you want and what type of cameras.
  4. Finally choose the cable lengths needed for the wireless antennas and the cameras.  Maximum length is 250ft per cable.


  1. To connect a second barn or house you can add an extra wireless antenna.  This allows viewing in the second house or extra cameras in the second barn.
  2. The standard camera combiner conects up to 4 cameras but you can get an 8 or 16 camera combiner.  You need a combiner in each barn that is connected into the system
  3. A recording option is available.  This camera recorder allows you to record the barn cameras but you can also install cameras on the house for security purposes.