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wireless antenna kit for barn camera systems



Our wireless antenna kit works at long range up to several kilometers.  A good line of sight is preferred for best reception.  The wireless antenna kit will transmit through some trees but the clearer the line of sight the  better.  The clearer the sight, the longer the antennas will transmit.  This wireless antenna kit links the barn to the house.  You can even link multiple barns and houses together on the same property uing extra antennas.  Each building needs its own antenna.  Once a barn has been linked you can install cameras in that barn for remote viewing.  The antennas are outdoor rated and are meant to be installed outside.  Unless you have cabling run between the house and the barn then you will need this kit to link the house and barn together. Once you have our wireless antenna system in place you can add your cameras, automation products, wifi for your barn (connection to the house internet is required) and other IOT devices.  This means you can receive alerts from a motion sensor if someone is in the barn or you can be alerted if the temperature drops to a certain degree.  There are many options and add ons.  Why not let us help you brain storm and come up with a custom built package for you.

Barn Camera System
Sit back and monitor your cameras from your home

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 cm

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