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Security Camera Installation

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Security camera installations done right!

We have over 25 years of security camera installations experience in both homes and businesses. We will make sure that the install is done properly. We always do a nice neat installation. We also have lots of tricks up our sleeves for running cabling in existing finished homes and commercial areas.

We have experience in wireless and network installations so we can easily setup remote view so that you can view your security cameras on your cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Do you have multiple buildings on your property?  Would you like to have security cameras in each building and tie them all together?  We specialize in wireless camera systems and building to building wireless camera systems.

Here is a breakdown on the standard costs to have us install a security camera system for you.

Security Camera Installation Labour:

For a standard cable run within 75ft we charge $150 per camera to install it.  This includes running the cabling, mounting the camera, terminating the connections on each end and connecting it to the DVR.  We also will point it properly to give you the best coverage.  We charge more for longer or more difficult cable runs.

Security Camera Installation Parts:

Cabling, video connectors and/or Baluns and power connectors are $45 per camera for runs within 75ft.  For longer runs we charge more.

Security Camera Power Supplies HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD, HD-SDI and Analog

  • A 4 way power supply is $50
  • An 8 way power box is $100
  • A 16 way power box is $200

IP Security Camera Poe Switches

  • 4 way poe switch is $100
  • 8 way poe switch is $200
  • 16 way poe switch is $450

Note:  Some of our IP NVR recorders have built in poe switches so an external one is not needed.

Outdoor Enclosures and Conduit

Outdoor enclosure boxes for the connections are $20 each  These are matching back boxes to our cameras so that the install is neat and clean with no connections showing.  This also protects the connections from the weather.

Conduit is needed in some cases and is extra depending upon the length of run, amount of bends and how many boxes are needed.

Eyeball Dome back box
Back Box For Camera
Larger Dome back box

Security Camera Installation Extras:

  • 1080p LCD Monitor
  • Multi outlet surge protector
  • UPS Battery backup with surge protection
  • Powerline to connect the recorder to your router.  This is needed when cabling is too difficult

Remote View Setup

Remote view setup is $100 not including any extra parts.  Cat5 cable runs and any devices like a powerline, switch or router are extra.