Video door bell intercoms are a great way to keep an eye on who is at your door.

Video door bell intercoms are a great way to keep an eye on who is at your door. If someone rings your doorbell you are instantly notified or alerted through a free app on your cell phone or tablet. You can answer by clicking the notification to see who is at the door. You even have the option of speaking to the person. Some doorbells like Ring and Nest will interface with Amazon Alexa or Google hub systems to also view and speak with the person

The video doorbell intercoms will even work while you are away from your property. As long as you have a good internet connection on your cell phone you can easily view who is at the door and then speak to them all through the included app. This is also a great way to make sure that your children have arrived home safely.

You can log into the video doorbell intercom at anytime and view the camera live. Some models have a build in motion sensor that alerts you when someone comes up to the door. The alert notification is called push notification because it instantly sends a push notification when someone presses the doorbell.

Most video doorbell cameras require that you pay a monthly fee in order to save video footage from the doorbell. Ring and Nest are two of the more popular companies that do this. We have doorbell cameras that have built in SD card slots for onboard recording. You can then retrieve the footage through the app on your phone. This saves you on any monthly fees. Electroguy also has doorbell cameras that integrate with our security camera systems and the doorbell stores weeks of footage onto the camera recorder.

Video Doorbell Intercom Installation

We can remove your existing doorbell and install the new video doorbell intercom in its place.  The best scenario is if you have a 4 wire cable running from the transformer to the doorbell to the chime.  In some cases we might have to customise the installation because of where your current doorbell was installed.

We can take off the old doorbell and install the new video doorbell intercom in its place using the existing wiring. We can also power the new doorbell intercom using the existing power transformer and make it so that your indoor doorbell chime still works.

The doorbell works on both wireless and wired connections.  Wired connections are better, but it requires running cabling from the doorbell to your router.  This can be difficult depending on the job. We have different methods and tricks to get the system to work properly.  We can also install wireless extenders or access points to improve wireless signal so that the video doorbell intercom gets a good wireless signal.

How Our Video Doorbell Intercoms Work

Most wifi doorbells can be installed using the existing wiring from the old doorbell. As long as the doorbell location is in a good spot to see the front door area properly. Sometimes the power transformer for the old doorbellmay not be strong enough so we will have to replace it. If your wifi signal is poor at the front door then additional wiring or wireless repeaters may need to be installed. Once the dorrbel has been setup you will receive instant alerts (push notification) with sound on your smartphone or tablet if someone pushes the doorbell button, you can see and talk with your visitor in real-time.


Video Door Bell Intercom


  • HD CMOS camera
  • Large field of view angle
  • Night vision • Voice indication
  • Remote intercom with mobile APP
  • Surface mounted
Price: $275