J-Mount Bracket

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$ 25.00 USD

J-Mount bracket for installing antennas, outdoor wireless antennas, satellite dishes etc.  Can be installed on a wall, roof or flat surface.


J-Mount Bracket

This J-mount bracket can be used for installing a TV antenna, a cell booster antenna or our wireless antennas used for our barn camera sytems.  They are otherwise known as antenna brackets, satellite mounts, j-arms, wall mounts and roof mount.

The nice thing about these j-mount brackets is that you can mount it on the wall, on a flat surface or on a sloped roof.  The mount is adjustable to allow you to plumb the mount and make sure it is level.  The mount is a pole mount style so the antenna can be swivelled 360 degrees to allow for precise adjustments of the antenna when installing.

Installation uses:

  • TV antennas.  Check out our antennas here Shop TV Antennas
  • satellite dishes
  • cell phone booster antennas.  Check out our cell phone booster kits Cell Phone Boosters
  • outdoor wifi and wireless antenna systems
  • Ham radio
  • FM antennas
  • wireless barn camera antennas

Installation Locations:

  • Wall of your house, shop office, barn or building
  • The mount can be bolted directly to a brick chimney
  • Installation can be done on a flat roof using a base that is weighed down
  • It can be screwed directly into a sloped roof using proper roof sealant


Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 56 cm