Wireless Barn Camera Package #3

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Wireless Barn Camera Package with 3 Cameras

A perfect kit for monitoring 3 different areas of your barn.  The wireless antennas work at long range for linking the barn to the house.  You can then setup your cameras inside or outside your barn for monitoring and listening in on your cell phone, tablet or computer.  You can also watch and listen on your TV by purchasing the add-on camera decoder.

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This wireless barn camera package with 3 cameras comes with:

  1.  2 wireless antennas that will link the barn to the house from a few kilometres away
  2.  3 wide angle turret style barn cameras with built-in microphones for listening in and night vision up to 40m
  3.  1 camera combiner for up to 4 cameras.  Extra cameras can easily be added at anytime
  4. 5 x 50ft outdoor rated cables to connect the antennas and cameras.  Longer cables can be ordered
  5.  Full programming of the system so that its an easy diy setup
  6.  Diagrams and instructions
  7.  Our premium support to assist you in getting the system setup

This wireless barn camera package with 3 cameras is all you need to start monitoring and listening in on three areas of your barn. It might be foaling stalls, calving pens, a riding arena or a large indoor pen. You could also cover an outdoor paddock.
You can view the cameras on any digital device like a cell phone, tablet or computer.  The house antenna can be connected into your existing wifi internet router.  This allows you to also monitor the cameras remotely over the internet from anywhere.

Once you have our wireless barn camera system in place you can add automation products, wifi for your barn (connection to the house internet is required) and other IOT devices.  This means you can receive alerts from a motion sensor if someone is in the barn or you can be alerted if the temperature drops to a certain degree.  There are many options and add ons.  Why not let us help you brain storm and come up with a custom built package for you.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 35 cm