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Bar Camera System
View your barn cameras

The barn camera recorder allows you to record up to 4 cameras connected to your system.  It will record cameras in your barn and also cameras installed on your house for security purposes.  You can have the cameras record on schedule, full time record and motion record.  You can view live footage and recorded footage on your computer, tablet or cell phone even remotely while away from the property.  You can also view and playback recordings on a computer monitor or your TV when connected by an HDMI cable to the camera recorder.  It connects to your router in your house via a network cable.  The camera decoder allows you to view all the cameras together on the screen or you can full screen a single camera.  Using a mouse you can also control the Pan Tilt Zoom camera.  Any 1080p or 4k monitor will show the cameras in high resolution.

Comes with a 1 TB hard drive that will give you a few weeks of recordings in schedule or motion event recording mode.  Full time recording will only give you a few days of recorded footage.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 12 × 31 cm