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$ 250.00 USD



CCTV Microphone

This MIC can be added to the PTZ camera for listening in on your barn or shop.  When listening in please be aware of local privacy laws pertaining to listening in on someone’s conversations.  Generally you would use this microphone to listen in on your barn to hear how your animals are doing.  When a mare is giving birth to the foal she may make noises leading up to and during the birth which can alert you to go out to the barn and check on things.  A cow  or sheep may also make certain noises during birth to alert you.

This microphone can be lsitened to on your phone or tablet by viewing the camera in full screen and then clicking the speaker icon.  It can also be listened to on a laptop or computer.

The MIC comes with a 20ft audio cable to connect it to the camera as well as a 50ft power cable and a power supply.  The camera is fine inside the barn but it cannot get wet.  If you are installing it outside then it must be installed inside a PVC electrical box to protect it.

Best used for foaling, lambing, calving etc

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 12 cm