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Infrared night vision barn camera

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Standard Barn Camera

Our standard barn camera has a wide angle lens for optimal coverage.  It sees a little better than 90 degrees of horzontal viewing width.  This barn camera is great for viewing a 10×10 stall or a 10×20 foaling stall.  It also covers up to a 50×50 pen.  It will see much larger areas especially outdoors but if you want detail when viewing large areas then it is best to install extra cameras or use our 25x PTZ zoom camera. It has 4mp resolution which is double the quality of 1080p.  The infrared night vision is very good as well and it sees up to about 100ft in the dark.  We have different cameras that we bundle with our packages.  The eyebal dome and the turret style are our most common and popular cameras.  When ordering, the camera you recieve may not be exactly as shown.  If you have questions about our current stock then please email or cal us.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 14 cm